Does progesterone cream make you gain weight?

July 19, 2020

As you age, the production of hormones decreases and this process accelerates with an unhealthy lifestyle. For that reason, many men and women think about using progesterone cream. 

Besides oral progesterone as part of hormone replacement therapy, many people opt for natural alternatives. In other words, they’re considering using progesterone cream made of natural ingredients and easily available in stores and online. The greatest benefit of this cream is that it promotes weight loss without side effects.

However, it’s impossible not to worry if this cream could lead to the opposite effect and make you put on a few pounds instead of losing them.

The reality is that progesterone supports weight management in more ways than one. Low levels of this hormone don’t cause weight gain, but lead to water retention and bloating. When you put progesterone under your control, you support weight maintenance. 

When you use the cream properly, you won’t end up gaining weight. 

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