Does progesterone cream make you gain weight?

July 19, 2020

As you age, the production of hormones decreases and this process accelerates with an unhealthy lifestyle. For that reason, many men and women think about using progesterone cream. 

Besides oral progesterone as part of hormone replacement therapy, many people opt for natural alternatives. In other words, they’re considering using progesterone cream made of natural ingredients and easily available in stores and online. The greatest benefit of this cream is that it promotes weight loss without side effects.

However, it’s impossible not to worry if this cream could lead to the opposite effect and make you put on a few pounds instead of losing them.

The reality is that progesterone supports weight management in more ways than one. Low levels of this hormone don’t cause weight gain, but lead to water retention and bloating. When you put progesterone under your control, you support weight maintenance. 

When you use the cream properly, you won’t end up gaining weight. 


A hundred pounds or more, trying to slim down? People gain weight and there are a variety of causes why hormonal imbalances are a common culprit. Some strategies of weight control appear unsuccessful where hormones are the problem. Most women and men are left dissatisfied because they find like nothing succeeds enough for them to accomplish the desired goals of their bodies. Here's enough to help you decide whether a progesterone cream can be used to help preserve your perfect body form.

Before after picture, natural progesterone cream can help with weight loss

Since hormones play a part in controlling weight, we need to understand more about their roles. In the body, we have a myriad of hormones, including progesterone. So the main purpose of this post is to provide helpful information about this hormone, particularly if you are considering losing weight using progesterone cream. Is it working? To learn more, read on.
What's progesterone doing?

The steroid hormone progesterone belongs to the progestogen class. In women, progesterone is released by a temporary endocrine arrangement in the ovaries called corpus luteum. The hormone is also formed by the adrenal glands, placenta, and ovaries.

In women, progesterone is essential for fertility and the menstrual cycle. It also assists in maternity maintenance. In the flip-side, progesterone is a testosterone source in males. In other words, without progesterone, the male body can't produce testosterone.

As it can lead to sleep improvement, progesterone also has other functions in the body, and it is important for optimal quality of life, fitness, and well-being.
Will weight loss be caused by progesterone?

Hormone levels play an important part in the quest to reduce weight. Often to slim down, people try various things, and none of them succeed. They end up losing confidence, assuming that it's not meant to be that they're going to keep gaining weight, and that's it.

If you're struggling with this problem, you need to realize that changes in hormonal composition will lead to resistance to weight loss, i.e. trouble slimming down no matter what you do.

For that cause, making an appointment to see the doctor and checking your hormone levels could incorporate your weight reduction plan. It'll be better for you to slim down spontaneously by fixing these imbalances. Progesterone is an essential hormone to be balanced because its function is important but widely underestimated in weight loss.

How does weight loss help with progesterone? The processes of action are various, and we will emphasize them below.

Here is how men are affected by progesterone.
Tackles supremacy over estrogen

Basically, estrogen supremacy is too much estrogen and in the body little or no progesterone. In other words, even though levels of this hormone are low, you will be estrogen dominant if you still happen to have low progesterone levels.

A wide variety of effects, like these can be caused by a loss of equilibrium between estrogen and progesterone:

Bloating About
Swelling of the breasts and their tenderness
Low Drive for Sex
Impaired period of menstruation
Increased PMS signs
Swings in mood
Anxiety and the attacks of fear
Gain in Weight
Loss of hair
Sleeping issues, i.e., lack of sleep
Impoverished memory

Estrogen superiority contributes to weight gain, as seen above. High levels of estrogen, especially around the hips and waist, will make you add on a few pounds or more. As you already know, the hips and waist are stubborn, and in that place, it's hard to lose weight.

Good progesterone leaves help prevent unnecessary estrogen related issues. This is one of the most important pathways by which you can help slim down with progesterone.
Thyroid function normalized

A butterfly-shaped gland low on the front of the neck is the thyroid. For metabolism and weight control, thyroid hormones are important, but they also provide a large variety of other body functions. The development and activity of thyroid hormones can be impaired by low progesterone.

Weight gain is one of the many signs of reduced thyroid levels. Therefore, you also endorse thyroid activity by regulating hormones such as progesterone. So, if you have gained weight due to hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), the increased hormone balance would help you to tackle this problem.
Diminished amounts of insulin

High levels of insulin are linked with being overweight and obese. Unfortunately, as you walk on the scale, the sedentary lifestyle and poor behaviors hinder the regulation of blood sugar and contribute to insulin resistance, both of which leads in dissatisfaction. Due to hormone superiority, insulin levels are also rising.

It stabilizes blood sugar levels because progesterone is a natural diuretic. Your insulin levels go up as the progesterone concentration decreases. Much of this reflects itself in your weight. You are able to encourage blood sugar stabilization and insulin sensitivity by maintaining progesterone within a normal range, thus helping the attempts to lose weight.
Potentially anti-inflammatory

Inflammation, such as viruses, bacteria, diseases, and more is the mechanism of the body defending against injury. Although acute inflammation is necessary for the protection of the immune system, chronic or long-term inflammation is not and can lead to different problems. What many people don't know is that it can lead to weight gain from inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the least mentioned signs of estrogen supremacy. Estrogen plays a defensive function and can assist the body, but only when it is perfectly regulated, to resist inflammation. That's why progesterone is necessary for you. You counter estrogen domination and thereby combat the inflammation it induces by promoting natural serum progesterone levels. You start losing weight as a result.
Enhanced sleep

We've been a culture robbed of sleep. People go to bed late and at night and wake up really early, which means that their body does not get enough sleep to work. Deprivation of sleep induces discomfort, i.e. higher levels of cortisol. Your physical and emotional health eventually declines, and you end up adding weight.

Thanks to its soothing effect on the brain, progesterone is a normal sleep aid. Estrogen has an excitatory effect on the brain on the flip side. This is why people with extreme signs of estrogen domination report significant sleep-related issues. It is helpful to mention that sleep deficiency disrupts leptin, the hormone that controls the appetite. This is why certain people have cravings for sugar, or they like other fatty foods. Overeating, accompanied by extra weight or obesity, ensues.
Reduced the retention of fluid

The loss of hormone control allows women to contend with the frustrating issue of fluid retention. Swelling and bloating can be minimized by the normal diuretic progesterone. It's better to stop the weight of water when you control these hormones.
What hormonal agent will help you lose weight?

Our general wellbeing and well-being depend on hormone regulation. If your cortisol is out of balance or you have insufficient testosterone and other hormones that are affected, the effects are likely to affect your weight.

You should not only aim to keep the levels of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and thyroid hormones in order, but you should also pay heed to hormones that are closely related to your appetite and hunger.

Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells that reduces your appetite. Ghrelin is a hormone that adds to your weight and raises your appetite. Leptin levels tend to be smaller when you're lean, and higher when you're fat or overweight.

Holding these hormones in check will allow you to keep the body from overeating and introducing too much calories.

The stress hormone cortisol is another hormone to look out for. They will make you feel hungry or keep you eating even though the body is full because of their effect on leptin when cortisol levels grow.

Hormone imbalances are the root cause of many conditions that impact our bodies. Among such issues are weight-related challenges. Many individuals fail to slim down only because insufficient progesterone or deficient levels of other hormones don't solve the real problem.

It helps estrogen to become dominant when progesterone is low. This adds to a chain of reactions that affect, but also help you gain weight, your physical and psychological wellbeing.

Progesterone creams help raise this hormone's levels in a normal way and thereby help you slim down more effectively. Natural creams are a great option and without struggling with adverse effects, they let you enjoy all the outcomes. Bear in mind that the regulation of the hormones is key to a balanced lifestyle.