6 Symptoms of Low DHEA and What You can Do About Them

6 Symptoms of Low DHEA and What You can Do About Them

May 05, 2018 2 Comments

What are the symptoms of low DHEA?

woman yawning fatigued from low dhea levelsDHEA is the most naturally abundant hormone that gets produced in our bodies. It is responsible for so many of the metabolic functions in our body that we cannot afford to be deprived of it. Unfortunately, after the age of 30, our bodies start producing less DHEA. This creates a whole series of health problems which can affect virtually all areas of the body. Unless we find a way to boost our DHEA levels, the symptoms of low DHEA will creep in quickly. These symptoms will be easily noticeable because they will completely change every aspect of your life. Read on to see if you relate to any of the symptoms below.

Below are the top 6 symptoms of low DHEA for you to watch out for.

1) Low Libido

If you notice that you are not able to perform sexually or have no interest in sex, this could be a symptom of low DHEA. The body needs DHEA to create sex hormones which are responsible for sexual performance and interest. Sometimes this could be linked to testosterone or estrogen directly, but it may be linked to DHEA if you notice other symptoms in conjunction with this one. For women, you can use a bio-identical vaginal DHEA cream for fast absorption.

2) Fatigue

Low DHEA levels mean that you’ll have low energy and fatigue. Once again, a lack of sex hormones will cause these symptoms to occur. You will lose muscle mass, bone density, and have a weakened immune system. All these conditions will cause you to feel extra tired and weak. It does not even matter if you have gotten 8 hours of sleep at night. You will still feel tired after you wake up and throughout the entire day.  

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3) Depression & Mood Swings

Not only does low DHEA cause physical health issues, it can cause mental health issues as well. Low DHEA results in hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. While this is happening, your mood will change right along with it. You will begin to have mood swings and start to feel depressed at random times during the day, even if you don’t have a reason to feel depressed. Although depression can be caused by a lot of other things, it may be DHEA related if you experience any of these other symptoms too.

4) Weak Immune System

One major problem with having low DHEA is that it causes your immune system to weaken. This will cause you to have an array of health problems. For starters, it will be easier for you to get infections and develop sicknesses. You may experience diarrhea, lack of hunger, and nausea in the early stages. Allergies may even be more noticeable too. As it continues to get worse, your internal and external organs will be more susceptible to inflammation. It is better to restore your DHEA as soon as you experience the early symptoms of a weak immune system.

5) Weight Gain

A fast metabolism depends on a high level of DHEA. So, if you have a low level of DHEA, you will have a slower metabolism. This means you won’t be able to burn calories as quickly, causing your excess calories to get stored as fat on your body. Then you will gain weight unexpectedly while still eating the same diet. If you don’t do anything to reverse this trend, it will create other physical health problems as well as emotional problems like depression.

6) Painful Joints

Anyone suffering from joint pains could find their aching getting worse if they have low DHEA levels. The fibrous tissues of the joints begin to deteriorate as we get older. This causes the bones in between the joints to rub closer together, which is why pain occurs. If you can increase your DHEA levels, you can prevent this problem from getting worse.

Many of these can be overcome by your own body when you raise your DHEA levels. Learn about the benefits of supplementing DHEA to see if it's for you.

Here are the functions of DHEA in the body, and a little more information if you're interested in trying some out:

The Solution:

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Johanna Rose
Johanna Rose

December 13, 2018

Gloria thank you for the comment. It’s definitely worth a try! I would get the DHEA 50 and use the entire bottle, one pump / day and see how your body responds.

Gloria henderson
Gloria henderson

December 13, 2018

Can dhea be used without any other hrt? Cannot tolerate estrogen. Age 68 and homebound due to weakness and joint pain. Mobility getting worse. Problems with this for 15 years. Have seen numerous Drs. They have no answers and tell me not to come back. Have seen Endo, gynecol. And other specialists. I am losing hope. PLEASE REPLY

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