Where do you apply estrogen cream?

Where do you apply estrogen cream?

June 24, 2022

displaying where to apply estrogen cream for maximum absorption

Where Do You Apply Estrogen Cream?

Once you have decided to use estrogen cream it is important to make sure you apply it correctly so as to obtain the maximum benefits. Incorrect application can mean your body will not absorb the estrogen and you will not see the full effects.

Applying estrogen cream directly to the skin, rather than taking estrogen orally, allows the estrogen to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Thus bypassing metabolism by the liver and gut.

Applying an effective OTC estrogen cream is quick and easy. Simply dispense one pump either onto your hand or directly onto the area you have chosen and spread as thinly as possible over the skin.

The Best Areas Of The Body To Apply Estrogen Cream

The best areas to apply the cream are areas of the body with the thinnest skin and least fat. It is also advisable to apply the cream as thinly as possible to ensure the maximum surface area is available for absorption.

To see the effects of your estrogen cream working faster, good areas to apply estrogen cream include the inner forearms, the inner thighs, the inner upper arms, the backs of the knees, the neck and the sides of the ribcage. If you are applying cream to the forearms you may find you don’t even need to dispense to the cream onto your hand first but can just rub your forearms together. The main idea is to avoid applying estrogen cream to the fatty areas of the body including breasts or the tummy.

If you are unsure on the best place to apply estrogen cream talk to your medical provider as specific areas may be recommended for maximum benefit for specific symptoms. Estrogen creams may also be applied directly to the vagina. This route is often recommended to deal with vaginal dryness, soreness of the vulva, the need to urinate, and pain during sex.

Tips For Applying Estrogen Cream

Although the application is very quick and simple there are a few ways you can ensure maximum absorption of the cream and therefore the best results.

Applying the cream at close to the same time each day is recommended. And it is best to apply cream when the skin is clean, for example after a shower, as this allows the cream to absorb better.

It is also recommended to rotate application sites, meaning that you don’t apply the cream in the same spot each day. This is a good idea for two reasons. Firstly to avoid any irritation in a particular area. And secondly to avoid over saturation and ensure proper absorption into your system.

If you are new to using the cream or are changing products you should always try a patch test first to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. To do this take a small amount of the cream and apply to a small area of the skin. If no reaction has occurred within 24 hours you should be safe to use the cream as directed.

Finally, it is important to wash your hands after application so as not to transfer the hormones to anyone else.

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