How common is low progesterone?

June 29, 2020

Research indicates that most women going through their pregnancies don’t experience low levels of progesterone. Although, in some instances, complications may arise and result in a miscarriage. While there isn’t a significant amount of research going into how common are low progesterone levels in women that aren’t pregnant, we can use different measures to get an idea. Polycystic ovary syndrome has already been mentioned as one specific issue that causes low levels of progesterone in women.

The statistics showcase that polycystic ovary syndrome is an issue that affects 1 in 10 women who are of childbearing age. It’s an indication that women suffering from low levels of progesterone are a common issue. As awareness increases regarding the role of low levels of progesterone, more women are going to be able to identify and deal with the disease. There are also several different solutions to the problem. Doctors may choose to treat low levels of progesterone with the use of hormone therapy. In less severe cases, lifestyle changes can play a significant role in improving the progesterone production in the human body.

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