7 Benefits of Increasing DHEA & Testosterone Levels in Men

7 Benefits of Increasing DHEA & Testosterone Levels in Men

July 13, 2018

Should you be using DHEA hormone replacement to increase testosterone?

molecular image of testosteron hormoneDHEA creams and bioidentical hormones are the buzzwords these days but many still do not really have a clue what they mean to body composition. You wouldn’t want to buy DHEA until you know more, right? If you are sailing on this boat then you must have lots of questions about DHEA creams. Well, we have compiled some of the answers to the questions you might be having about DHEA for men. What are DHEA creams for men? Is DHEA supplementation safe? Do DHEA creams have side effects? Where do you buy DHEA products for men? We will be answering these and much more! Just relax, read through and maybe you can get some pointers. The post below deals largely in the benefits related to males, learn more here about the overall benefits of DHEA supplementation.

1) What does DHEA Do For Men

If you are wondering what DHEA cream for men is all about then it is simply a cream with bioidentical hormone Dehydroepiandrosterone otherwise known as DHEA.  In plain language, our bioidentical hormones are an organic form of the hormones that are usually in the body that we derive from organic Mexican wild yams. In other words, these creams serve to supplement the hormone DHEA in your body. According to scientists, DHEA is produced mostly by the adrenal gland of your body and it serves as a precursor to another hormone known as testosterone-often associated with sex drive, sperm production as well as the development of bone and muscle mass. *Learn more about DHEA to increase estrogen in women here.

Scientists have also discovered that DHEA wanes off over the years and this is why the level of testosterone in your body will start falling off after the age of 30 years or so.  Seven of the symptoms that have been associated with the low level of testosterone include:
1) decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction
2) less energy
3) weight gain
4) feelings of depression
5) moodiness
6) low self-esteem
7) less body hair
8) thinner bones

This is where DHEA creams come in, supplementing the level of DHEA in your body hence ‘bringing back the youth in you’. Let’s dig deeper into benefits of using

Benefits of Using DHEA Cream For Men

2) Sexual Drive

happy sexy man and woman hugging Naturally, you may no longer be at your “A” game as you grow old but you still want to keep the fire burning. There is a lot more to what DHEA does, but it can help and studies have shown that it is great for improving your sexual drive and erections (2). The science behind this is simple: DHEA is converted to testosterone and as your testosterone levels increases in your body then you can rest assured that ‘you will want to do it more’ and, you won’t struggle with getting hard!

3) Dealing With Body Fat

If you are elderly and struggling with weight then chances are that the level of testosterone in your body is working against you. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between a deficit in testosterone and obesity so weight loss is usually an intended benefit tied to use of a DHEA supplement. The reason is that testosterone has a direct impact on the way your body handles glucose and lipid metabolism (1). Again, DHEA creams increase the level of testosterone in your body which in turn helps you to build a lean body mass.  

4) Bone Mineral Density & Bone Strength

DHEA has been found to have a positive effect on the overall health of bones and muscle strength in both men and women. Studies have particularly found DHEA good for improving the general spinal density in men, a feat that can help deal with bone issues like Osteopenia-lowered bone density. A reduced bone density can lead to susceptibility to bone fractures.

5) Improving Mood

Did you know that your mood is affected by the level of testosterone in your body? Yes, and as you age you might start feeling depressed, anxious and generally in a bad mood. DHEA creams can help you deal with this as it turns up testosterone which has a positive effect on your mood-reducing depressive symptoms and reducing irritability (3).

6) Cardiovascular Health

Research has also shown that there is a correlation between DHEA levels and the chances of getting heart disease in elderly men. In fact, a study done in Sweden found that the levels of both DHEA and its sulfate (DHEA -S), were inversely associated with the age-adjusted risk for a coronary heart disease (4). Although scientists have recommended more work to ascertain this, evidence point towards the importance of DHEA on cardiovascular health.
Now that you know one thing or two about the benefits of DHEA creams, let’s now look at things from another angle. Are these creams safe for you?

7) Are DHEA Creams For Men Safe?

It is one of the frequently asked questions about men's health and rightly so. Just like any other supplements you have to keep an eye on the safety side of things. In the case of DHEA, there are some situations where there may be side effects such as acne, hair loss, fatigue etc. The beauty with DHEA creams is that they are localized or rather, they can work locally unlike pills and powder which release the hormone to the whole body. This means fewer chances of getting side effects but that said, you should observe any alarming changes when using the DHEA creams.

Which is the best DHEA cream for men?

The best DHEA cream to go for has got to be the natural ones, which always make for the best effectiveness of DHEA. keeping in mind that other additives might not be good for you. Now, DHEA .clinic is the home of the best DHEA creams, all made out of natural ingredients. Try our DHEA 50 or DHEA 20.

DHEA 20 &DHEA 50 By BiolabsPro

If you are looking for the best DHEA cream in the market for men then this is the product for you. This is an all-natural DHEA cream made with MSM, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, & Coconut Oil for fast absorption. This translates to better action compared to DHEA pills and DHEA powder not to mention that it also less expensive- it has 65-80 pumps at 50MG per pump.
The cream has organic power herbs will enhance your libido plus it will boost your health and wellness. Athletes can also use this creams to reduce the recovery time, gain muscle, reduce stress and increase performance levels.

How To Use DHEA Cream For Men
Using DHEA creams is super easy. You will just need to squeeze and use 1 pump or 2, twice a day-perhaps in the morning and evening. After squeezing, rub it to the hairless parts of your skin like the inner arm and abdomen, face, neck, inner thighs etc.  Just remember to read the label of your cream first, to get a better understanding of how it works and the directions of use.

Final Remarks
It is suggested to talk with a health care professional about a hormone test to get a good idea whether the 50 mg or 20 mg daily dose of replacement therapy would be best for you.

That’s it! Everything you need to know about DHEA creams for men. In general, from our own repeat customers, there is an overall consensus of an improved quality of life. You can now try using these creams to spice up your life but as usual, you should consult a qualified medical practitioner just before you start using them. Otherwise, welcome to the world of DHEA creams for men!

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