Bioidentical DHEA Creams: Should You Use Them?

Bioidentical DHEA Creams: Should You Use Them?

May 16, 2018

Bioidentical DHEA Cream

Bioidentical DHEA cream is the buzzword around and many are wondering if these creams are good for you. Are bioidentical DHEA creams safe to use? What are the benefits of DHEA creams? Which is the best DHEA cream for you? Where can you buy authentic DHEA creams? If you have had any of these questions then we are here to answer them.

What are Bioidentical DHEA Creams?

For starters, what are bioidentical DHEA creams? Well, bioidentical hormones basically refer to hormones that are similar to those that are produced naturally by the body, although these ones are synthetically crafted through scientific techniques. DHEA on the hand refers to a hormone produced by the adrenal gland, otherwise known as dehydroepiandrosterone. According to scientists, DHEA acts as a precursor to male and female hormones i.e testosterone and estrogen.  Scientists have also found that DHEA peaks in the mid-20s then it starts declining as you age. This is one of the reasons why things like sexual drive, your skin and sexual health decline with age.

This is where bioidentical DHEA creams come in, boosting the level of DHEA in your in the body which brings back the energy and vibrance you had in your 20s. This is just tip of the iceberg though, let’s take a detailed look at what DHEA creams can do to you.

Benefits Of Bioidentical DHEA Creams

Improving Your Sexual Life

DHEA for men has been found to help fight issues like sexual dysfunction and a dip in libido especially those that come with ageing (1). Women, on the other hand, can also use DHEA creams to counter vaginal dryness, pain, or rather, vaginal atrophy in general. In fact, a study that was first published in the The Menopause found that DHEA can reduce vaginal thinning, vaginal pain and vaginal dryness which are common as any woman ages (2).

Fighting Obesity & Improving Bone Strength

A study done by Lizcano & Guzman found that there is a correlation between a deficiency of estrogen and Testosterone with obesity (3). The reasoning behind this is that these hormones directly affect glucose and lipid metabolism but science jargon aside, dhea can assist both men and women in building lean muscles and reducing obesity (4).

DHEA is also great for your bones especially in women, keeping in mind that improved estrogen production tends to increase bone mineral density. This, in turn, reduces the risk of having bone related disorders like osteoporosis.

Improving Mood

Are you feeling moody or depressed lately? It turns out that it might be something to do with age. Studies have shown that a decline in testosterone can have an effect on your mood and this why DHEA can aid by improving testosterone levels hence improving mood, reducing depressive symptoms and reducing irritability (5).

It is good For Skin?

A good number of scientific work has shown that DHEA has a positive effect on skin in the realm of how it looks and on the health side (6). DHEA benefits the skin by producing collagen, a protein that gives the skin a youthful look not to mention that it increases the production of sebum or skin oil which makes the skin smooth. Sebum is also known to reduce chances of getting skin infection and irritations (7).

Bioidentical DHEA Cream Side Effects

Bioidentical DHEA creams are generally safe to use but just like in any drug or supplement you are always advised to keep an eye on anything strange on your body when using DHEA creams. For instance, there are cases where some men and women have experienced hair loss due to an increase in testosterone or estrogen for women. That said, DHEA creams are generally safe but just ensure that you stick to the dosage as directed on the cream label.

Now that you know what bioidentical DHEA creams are all about, the next question one would ask is which DHEA cream should you go for?  

Best Bioidentical DHEA Cream To Use

There are lots of DHEA creams on the likes of Amazon, eBay and around the web, but finding the ones that are purely organic and safe to use can be easier said than done.  Now, is the home of the best bioidentical DHEA creams which can deliver the results you are craving for in less than 30 days.

DHEA 20 & DHEA 50 By BiolabsPro

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Introducing our favorite transdermal creams for women and men who want to stay young and energetic. The DHEA 20 &DHEA 50 by BiolabsPro are made of three major natural, bio-identical pharmaceutical grad organic ingredients and the beauty is that you always pick the one with the scent you fancy. The other cool aspect with these creams is that they have been made with small particles to make it easy and fast in absorption.

The creams are good for any man or woman looking for improved sex drive, sleep, mood and those keen on losing weight. Athletes can also use this creams to reduce the recovery time, gain muscle, reduce stress and increase performance levels.

How To Use Bioidentical DHEA Cream

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Bioidentical DHEA creams are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is squeeze and use 1 pump or 2,   twice a day (preferably in the morning and in the evening). You can rub the cream to the hairless parts of your skin i. e inner arm and abdomen, face, neck, inner thighs or even the vagina. Yes, you can use them on your vagina and research has shown that topical application of DHEA creams to the vagina will transform DHEA to the estrogen locally-without releasing lots of it to the whole body.


In a nutshell bioidentical DHEA creams might just be what you are looking for but always remember to consult a qualified medical practitioner just before you start using them. Otherwise, it’s time to enjoy being ‘young’ again!!

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