Progesterone Cream Benefits - 9 Irrefutable Natural Benefits & Uses

Progesterone Cream Benefits - 9 Irrefutable Natural Benefits & Uses

August 17, 2018

Progesterone is a hormone produced mainly by the ovaries in women but also by the adrenal glands in men and women, and is the precursor to estrogen and testosterone. The hormone is involved, together with estrogen in the control of the reproductive cycle in females right from sexual desire, development of secondary sexual characteristics (e.g. breast tissue), production of vaginal fluids and maintenance of pregnancy. Changes in these hormone levels will usually lead to physiologic symptoms such as tender breast during periods, cramps, feeling hot during ovulation etc. Other than these reproductive functions, progesterone is also thought to be involved in brain function, temperature regulation and many other functions that make you as comfortable as you are. Now, we will be telling you more about Progesterone, including why Progesterone creams may be good for you.

Like many other compounds in the body, levels of progesterone in blood varies but low progesterone level is common in post-menopausal women in a condition called post-menopausal syndrome (PMS). This condition usually presents with symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. In this case, your doctor may prescribe progesterone in whichever route of administration that is best fit: including topical (cream) or oral option like in the case of birth control pills. Because of its ability to penetrate the skin and enter in the blood stream, progesterone cream can act on any part of the body and not just the skin.
Most of the benefits of progesterone arise from its opposing effects towards estrogen dominance. Excess estrogen has been linked with conditions such as cancers and menopausal symptoms.

Your Natural Progesterone Consumption & Management, and its Impact on Your Body

There are different forms of Progesterone that affect your body in various and help you curb hormonal imbalances. While some people and healthcare providers prefer artificial ways to boost Progesterone, many others wish to keep it natural. Before you decide the ideal way of providing your body with Progesterone, you should consult your trusted doctor. 


If you wish to balance your Progesterone naturally, these are some guaranteed methods you can adopt. The following ways have proven benefits that we'll discuss later on!

  1. Maintaining a Healthy Weight

One of the reasons for severe hormonal imbalances and poor bone mineral state in women is excessive weight. Upon attaining puberty, there's a lot that your hormones go through. Throwing your weight off balance can severely affect the effectiveness of Progesterone produced in your body.

While it's natural to have unhealthy cravings during your periods and pregnancy, try to keep your diet healthy. Maintaining a healthy weight makes sure your body gets enough hormone production to keep things under control. It'll also keep a check on your estrogen secretion, which in turn increases the effectiveness of Progesterone. This will also minimize the effects of estrogen and ensure better.

  1. Avoiding Stress

Another hormone that is often considered as the nemesis of Progesterone is Cortisol. Taking too much stress means your body is facing an overwhelming induction of this stress-inducing hormone. Menopausal women, in particular, tend to feel hot flashes and other stressing symptoms of low Progesterone.

Menopausal symptoms are also often linked with extreme stress, which can have adverse health effects. Having stress also leads to further cortisol production via the kidney. In order to minimize cortisol imbalance, make sure you don't take excessive stress. Try to meditate, read a good book, watch a movie, talk to your friends and family, and eat your favorite meals to keep the stress away. If you feel tired or overwhelmed with responsibilities, take a break before your health conditions force you to take one.

  1. Avoid too Much Exercise

Excessive exercises can also stress out your body and disrupt your menstrual cycle. As a result, your progesterone levels may go up or down, resulting in poor hormonal balance. Get in touch with a gym instructor who's well aware of female health issues. They'll help you exercise in a harmless, productive manner.

  1. Foods That Maintain Progesterone Levels

Food and drugs are also responsible for affecting progesterone levels in your body. You can include leafy greens in your diet if you want your progesterone levels to improve. These can include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, and kale. You can also include nuts, beans, whole grains, shellfish, pumpkin, and bananas to your diet. Not only are these foods healthy, but they also improve your progesterone levels.

What are the Benefits of Natural Progesterone?

Natural Progesterone is the healthiest and most harmless way of improving progesterone levels in your body. You can integrate them into your diet and make them a part of your lifestyle. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive prescriptions, either. Here's how natural Progesterone works for your body:

Protects the Endometrium

As women near the age of menopause, around 55 years of age, the endometrium starts developing problems. Not just postmenopausal women, but premenopausal going through the luteal phase also report endometrial complications. This part is responsible for the healthy production of Progesterone, but menopause symptoms indicate increased risks of cancer. Endometrial cancer, endometrial hyperplasia, with or without uterine bleeding, are common problems.


Moreover, aging can also cause uterine cancer in women with imbalanced progesterone levels. While cancer care can be expensive and even adversely reactive, natural progesterone intake is affordable for all. Maintaining healthy habits keeps your Progesterone balanced throughout your life and also during your postmenopausal stages. It also ensures your endometrium doesn't create problems for your body.


Increasing HDL Cholesterol (Good Cholesterol) Levels

One of the ways of increasing Progesterone naturally is by consuming a high-quality cholesterol diet. This can include oil, salmon, anchovies, or pasture-fed 100% pure meat. Cholesterol and Progesterone are both highly beneficial for your body when you take them in optimum quantities. Cholesterol also boosts progesterone levels while providing health benefits for your body.

Reduces Postmenopausal Symptoms 

The Progesterone that your endocrine gland produces is meant to minimize the hormonal chaos that occurs during and after ovulation. You may experience hot flashes, breast tenderness, breast pain, anger and aggression, unexpected sadness, urge to cry, and other mood swings. Period cramps, tensed muscles, and headaches are also an indication of extreme and unbearable PMS. Natural progesterone consumption allows you to keep your mood normal and relaxed. It doesn’t have any adverse effects, so you're safe if you take a controlled diet.


Reduces Synthetic Hormone Effects

Synthetic forms of Progesterone, estrogen, and synthetic Progestin tend to backfire under certain conditions. These can also disrupt your menstrual cycle, cause bone loss, and increase menstrual pain. Synthetic hormone intake can result in behavioral changes, discolored stool, vision, hearing, and memory issues. It can also bring a number of complicated breast and vaginal problems. Natural Progesterone works to minimize the synthetic effects of this consumption and develops a healthier ecosystem for your body.


Progesterone Replacement Benefits

While natural Progesterone is effective in its place, it isn't enough in case of some conditions. Cancers, pregnancy issues, menopausal and menstrual conditions need higher and timed progesterone doses. If you and your doctor agree to take natural progesterone (not synthetic progesterone), here's what you need to know. These are the different uses for Progesterone with their benefits:


Wild Yam and Progesterone

Wild yam creams contain bioidentical progesterone formula that can also increase progesterone levels in the body. Soybean, Mexican Yam, and progesterone creams are linked to a safe increase in progesterone levels. They're also pretty easy to apply. 

Some of the benefits of natural progesterone creams include:

1) Managing Weight

Progesterone cream and by extension natural progesterone cream aids in weight loss by treating water retention given that it is a natural diuretic. One of the PMS symptoms is weight gain due to lack of natural hormone balance and this can be treated by using progesterone cream.

2) Relieving some brain issues

Progesterone is a Natural anti-depressant-it calms anxiety and reduces stress. It can also treat brain fog which is a state of mild confusion and unconsciousness described as feeling foggy. It has also been found to relieve migraines.

3) Facilitating thyroid hormone function

A lack of natural hormone balance between levels of estrogen and levels of progesterone, that is estrogen dominant state, has been shown to block the effects of thyroid hormones at their target organs. This is such that there may be normal levels of thyroid hormone produced but its effects cannot be seen in the body, a condition known as hypothyroidism. Progesterone cream can help strike the balance thus dealing with thyroid disorders.

4) Normalizing blood clotting

Progesterone normalizes blood clotting and reduces chances of getting blood clots that is potentially fatal. To ensure the blood in the body does not clot and continues flowing, the body deploys a number of mechanisms that not only ensures no clotting but also ensure blood isn't too thin. Among these mechanisms involves the action of estrogen and progesterone. Dominant estrogen increases the risk of blood clots all over the body leading to conditions such as DVT and stroke. Progesterone cream will thus get into the blood thus opposing these negative actions of estrogen.

5) Reducing Chances Of Breast Cancer

Natural progesterone to be specific helps prevent breast cancer. Risk of breast cancer has been associated with synthetic progesterone for long just like estrogens through the action of progesterone receptor and estrogen receptors respectively. However, natural progesterone which are bioidentical hormones to what naturally occurs in the body doesn't do the same. This is why the use of natural progesterone is encouraged compared to synthetic ones because doctors actually prescribe progesterone to help reduce chances of cancer as well as help with depression (instead of using antidepressants).

6) Helping preserve bone density

Progesterone stimulates bone-building cells called osteoclasts, thus increasing the rate of new bone formation. One of the symptoms in post menopause women and even in younger individuals with lower progesterone levels, is having brittle bones due to osteoporosis. In other words, these bones may break even with limited trauma. Progesterone supplementation increases bone density making bones strong and more resistant to trauma.

7) Helping in treat vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is one of the menopausal symptoms caused by lack of normal vaginal secretions due to a drop of hormones responsible for these secretions. Consequently, this leads to susceptibility to infections and discomfort. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case as using a progesterone product in conjunction with healthy diets can help restore the vaginal state and enjoyment of normal sexual life. (Supplementing DHEA cream for vaginal dryness can also bring profound changes in the vaginal wall while reducing dryness).

8) Fighting acne

Having a natural hormone balance between progesterone and estrogen prevents the development of acne by reducing levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the skin. This one of the reasons why your doctor may prescribe progesterone cream to treat acne.

9) Treating Adrenal fatigue

Adrenal fatigue or what is medically referred to as adrenal insufficiency refers to the inability of the adrenal gland to produce the hormones that it is supposed to produce in the correct quantities. These hormones include cortisol and aldosterone. One of the causes of adrenal fatigue is low progesterone levels from the ovary. Furthermore, adrenal fatigue can lead to low levels of progesterone due to reduced levels of DHEA, the "sex hormone," a required for the production of progesterone.


To ensure a proper hormone balance, progesterone and estrogen levels in the blood should be at a normal range. An imbalance in either way may lead to disease, so it's good to test these numbers and the doses you may need for balancing hormones. This is especially the case in post-menopausal women with conditions such as PMS that presents with symptoms such as hair loss, vaginal dryness, brittle bones, blood clots etc. These symptoms are treated by trying to restore the balance by hormone replacement therapy and this is part of what reproductive health care is about. Progesterone cream can be used if the levels of progesterone are lower than normal leading to estrogen dominant state. However synthetic progesterone has been associated with some cancers including breast cancer hence natural progesterone is encouraged because they are identical to what would be found in the body naturally.

Progesterone benefits

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