Where and How to Apply DHEA Cream

Where and How to Apply DHEA Cream

August 14, 2019

applying dhea cream on skinThere are many places to apply our all-natural, bio-identical DHEA and other supplement creams. The guidelines below are meant specifically for our product line and no others as there may pose a risk if the ingredients are different from ours.

Where to apply DHEA Cream and other Supplement Creams

  1. Apply on an area of the body with the least amount of fat. This is usually on the forearms or between the underarm and side near the rib cage.
  2. For best results do not apply to breasts, buttox or belly. The supplement will get trapped in the fat and have a limited distribution into the bloodstream.
  3. DHEA creams are formulated to be used vaginally or anally if desired as well.

3 ways to apply our DHEA creams and other supplements:

  1. Dispense one pump of the regular dosage onto your inner arm and rub between both arms.
  2. Dispense one pump into palm and apply under the armpit down to the bottom of the rib cage.
  3. Manual insertion into vagina or anus is accepted.

As always consult with your physician before using any products related to hormones.


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