Can DHEA Boost Testosterone?

Can DHEA Boost Testosterone?

May 10, 2018 1 Comment

DHEA for Men

DHEA is often used as an alternative to testosterone replacement, and it is slowly becoming the favored route for many men who are suffering with low testosterone levels. Testosterone levels decrease with age and this can have a significant impact on many areas of the body, including mental and physical performance. This is why many men choose to boost their testosterone using a variety of methods. One of the most popular is with DHEA.

Does DHEA for Men Increase Testosterone Levels?

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As men get older (ladies, read up on DHEA uses for women here), their levels of testosterone gradually decline; this is completely natural and it's hard to avoid. Simply, it’s all part of the complex aging process. However, this goes against what some men want and it can affect athletic performance, memory, muscle mass and overall health. Luckily, there are ways to stimulate testosterone production and counterbalance this decline.

One of the most popular ways to do this is with DHEA, which naturally raises the body’s testosterone levels. As DHEA is a relatively new way to boost testosterone, there is not a great deal of scientific information on the extent of how well it works. However, a number of studies report that DHEA does in fact improve the body’s production of testosterone considerably. DHEA directly affects testosterone levels in men and so, when more DHEA is present, more testosterone is produced. In short, DHEA can stimulate the body’s testosterone production and therefore boost testosterone levels. There are always many ways to take this replacement, but if you're at all familiar with pills, then you know the absorption rate is much lower than with something that is transdermal and bio-identical. In fact, beyond transdermal, some people even take it trans-rectally.

Another way DHEA boosts testosterone is during exercise. Increasing the amount of DHEA in the body can prevent levels of testosterone from declining during exercise. This is because the more testosterone the body has the better it can perform physically and athletically, which DHEA boosts. Instead of testosterone declining throughout the course of a workout or any form of physical activity, DHEA ensures the levels stay high and at the optimum level.

The Benefits of Boosting Testosterone With DHEA

A number of men suffer with the negative side effects of a decline in testosterone, which is why many men decide to boost this production. There are different ways to boost testosterone and this brings with it a number of advantages. For example, an increase in testosterone can boost memory, immune function, athletic performance and energy. Plus, it can also improve sperm production, sexual function and muscle mass. One of the main benefits of boosting testosterone with DHEA is that the body doesn’t naturally slow its own production of testosterone, it simply continues to produce it at the level desired. Rather than gradually decreasing the amount that’s produced, DHEA encourages it to continue. A bio-identical transdermal DHEA cream is a way to supplement with immediate absorption and results.

Of course, there are some downsides to using DHEA and this is why it should be used with caution. Though levels of testosterone are boosted, DHEA can interact with certain medications. Additionally, there is reason to believe that DHEA can negatively affect those with depression. This is why, like all supplements, DHEA should be used sensibly and with consideration.

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Ken Cassano
Ken Cassano

November 21, 2018

There is numerous treatment for Low T this is just one of them. Thank you for sharing your insights about DHEA and the benefits the body would get when they use it. It is best to consult first your doctor about what you feel about your body and ask for prescriptions for your illness. This is to ensure that the medicine will be effective on you.

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